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When it comes to academics, what matters more than anything else is you. Nebraska offers world-class faculty and colleagues, unsurpassed research facilities and opportunities, and a diversity of fields of study. But what makes big things happen here is you. Your interest. Your determination. Your questions. And your answers. You've got this. We're with you.

A Graduate Teaching Assistant stands in front of a whiteboard with calculus equations and leads class.

Programs of Study

With hundreds of programs of study, Nebraska offers the breadth of academic areas you’d expect from a tier-one research university. Several of our programs are among the best in the U.S. and have been for years, and we can help you find the right program (or programs) for you.

Space Law students tour NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Washington D.C.

Honors Program

The University Honors Program enhances your college experience by immersing you in a community of talented, hardworking individuals and offering a curriculum that is challenging yet customizable. The Program’s interactive, interdisciplinary seminars and continuum of hands-on experiences allow students of all majors to maximize their time at Nebraska.

Honors Program
Honors students meet in the lobby of Knoll Residential Center.


Nebraska’s University Libraries is a national leader in creativity and knowledge development. Our Library experts promote resources and tools for transformative teaching, learning and research, and manage spaces and technology that inspire lifelong learning.

Student pulls books off a shelf in the Architecture Library.

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We’re here to help you shape the future.