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Living on Campus

As a 大学 of IM游戏–林肯 student, you'll have the opportunity to live and thrive in one of our on-campus residence halls. Residence halls allow students to form tight-knit communities with their peers. Since you'll be living right in the heart of campus, there will always be an opportunity for entertainment, university engagement, scholarship and recreation. +, walking just five minutes to class, multiple dining halls, the library and recreation center is pretty hard to beat.

Two IM游戏 students pose for a photo in their dorm.


Students can choose between living in a traditional two-person room, a four-person suite or apartment-style housing on City or East Campus. Your hall will come with free laundry facilities, study rooms, lounge areas, WiFi 和更多的; each room comes furnished with a refrigerator, desk, chair, bed, mirror, closet and storage space. Students may also choose to live in a Learning Community, where you can live and learn alongside your classmates and participate in special programs aimed toward your major. We want all students to feel safe and comfortable in their living space, which is why 多人 Housing also provides gender-inclusive housing options for students who do not identify with their sex at birth.

大学 Housing
Two students hang out in a Kauffman Academic Residential Center dorm room.


Offering everything from traditional fare to international entrees and make-your-own dishes, our Dining Centers offer up everything you could want 和更多的. With mobile ordering, to-go and late-night options, they're a great place to grab nourishment, catch up with friends, or relax with a cup of coffee and study.

Students eat together in the Cather Dining Center.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities are open to any interested student during their first-year at 多人. Our Learning Communities are focused on many different academic interests, as well as one—大学 Exploration—for those who aren’t yet sure about their academic home at 多人. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply for membership in a Learning Community, indicate your preference on your Housing Contract.

Learning Communities
Students makes bubbles during the All-Learning Community Welcome Event on Mabel Lee Field.

联谊会 and Sorority Living Units

If you’re interested in joining a fraternity or sorority with a living unit, you have another option to consider when it comes to living on campus. After joining, first-year fraternity members have the option of living in a fraternity chapter house. First-year sorority members live in the residence halls but may join a chapter during primary recruitment the week before fall classes begin. They typically live in the sorority house during their second year on campus.

联谊会 & 女生联谊会的生活
A student crowd surfs, held up by dozens of other students.

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